So here we go.  One in the books and the season is underway.  With all the off season moves the Yankees made, I was watching this game with a close eye of a few individuals. 


It’s never an easy thing to swallow when your team brags about their top prospect for a couple of years and them watching them trade him away.  Now with all the talk of Granderson and his inability to hit lefties, this move was easier to swallow then the others. 


And with his first at plate appearance knocking a dinger over the right field wall, you can just hear all the Yankee fans say “SEE! I TOLD YOU!” Don’t get me wrong, I like Granderson, he is a good player and a nice guy and like him in pinstripes.  But he’s human.  He’s not going to bat a thousand so get use to seeing him not on base every time.  But he’s a good defensive outfielder with a stronger arm then Damon.  Not to mention when Gardner threw that ball to home plate via New Jersey, it made Ganderson look even better and make you miss Johnny Damon at the same time.


Who else did we acquire?  Nick Johnson.  Zero hits, on base twice and he didn’t hurt himself.  BANNER DAY!  I think I still would’ve kept Matsui (who homered, singled and drove in two runs) for the money they paid Johnson.


TO THE BULL PEN WE GO!!!!!!  Phil Coke gone.  A left handed pitcher that could get righties and lefties out.  Ok, so be it.  Who shall we replace him with……… How about Chan Ho Park?  Yeah, good idea.  Yeah, it’s a good idea if you’re not a Yankees fan.  The best player on the Red Sox was pitching for the Yankees that night.  A homer to Dustin Pedroia…….really?  Are you kidding me? Bask in that 27.00 era.  You earned it. Not to take anything away from Pedroia, but let me give you a little advice next time you face him Mr. Park… HIGH AND INSIDE!  That’s a little free advice for you.  Next time I’m going to have to charge you.  And can somebody just intentionally walk Youkalis please.  That guy is a Yankee killer.  He’s only been doing it for 3 years or so now, so I can understand if it hasn’t been burned into your head yet. (that’s a little more sarcasm for you)


Joe Girardi, please tell me what you were thinking when you put in Winn, who isn’t exactly in his prime anymore to run for the speedy Nick Johnson (yes that was sarcasm) instead of Ramero Pena?


Well let’s turn this frown upside down shall we.  The bats looked good against a premiere pitcher in Josh Beckett.  Posada 3 hits, Jete and Cano 2 a piece.  CC looked good for most of the time.  Girardi should’ve pulled him sooner.  It’s the first game of the season; the arm strength isn’t in prime form yet.  But nonetheless, he looked good.


Tonight is game two.  AJ on the mound with Posada most likely behind the plate.  If AJ pitches a gem, then the Posada problem goes away.  If he loses, somebody please tell the driver to take the keys out because Jorge will be thrown under the bus real quick.  And as shaky as his defense is, they need his bat.


After re-reading this blog, you would never think I’m a bombers fan huh?  Its all good peeps, there is a lot of baseball to go.  I am just hoping that I don’t need to email Cashman a big fat I TOLD YOU SO with these acquisitions.

Until next time…….
The Freak

Buh-Bye Melky….

9:55 EST 12/22/09

It seems that the Yankees have agreed with the Braves to trade Melky Cabrera (plus others including Mike Dunn) for J. Vasquez.

I do not like this deal what-so-ever.  He was 14-10 w/ a 4.91 ERA with the Yankees.  Isn’t this the guy that cried the blues that he wanted to play ball closer to home so the Yanks traded him to Arizona (where he went 11-15 4.42 ERA).  Yes, he went 15-10 w/ 2.87 ERA last year. Not to say that the american league is superior to the national league, but if you think he’s going to post a 2.87 ERA in pinstripes ….. think again.

Ok, he’s got #4 pitching numbers, so what.  We’ve seen this guy before.  He wasn’t impressive.

I don’t know if Cashman is going down memory lane or what.  He lets Matsui go ($6.5m for one year to Angels) and picks up Nick Johnson ($5.75m for one year).  Neither guy can run and they both get hurt……….. I digress.

Now he wants Vasquez AGAIN! I just don’t get it.  Its a good thing my head is shaved, because now I can put lotion on it from rubbing it raw trying to figure out what he is doing.

Did the yankees win a world series in ’01-’03 with Johnson on the team? no.
Did the yankees win a world series in ’04 with Vasquez on the team? no.

Now lets talk about the shoe thats on the other foot.  With Melky gone, it seems that the left field position is now available once again.  Hmmmmm, interesting.  Does that mean there is still a chance for Damon to come back?  I would think so.  OR will they be going after Bay or Holliday? Don’t know.  Or is this kid they picked up in the rule 5 draft taking over.  Oh what a tangled web we weave………

From what I understand, Damons asking price has come down.  Somewhere around 2 for $20m. My thought is that since you’ve traded away the future in Austin Jackson, go after Holliday and give him a long term deal.

I just don’t know what to think right now.  Cashman is acting like a psychotic girl friend right now (no offense ladies).  Just when you think you have a grip on whats going on, he blind sides you with a deal that leaves you confuzed.

Somebody please smack Cashman back into reallity before he trades Derek Jeter for Mike Lowell?

Well I guess all my ranting about putting Melky in right with is arm is no longer necessay.  I think Melky has more to offer and I hope he lights up the national league.  BELIEVE ME! I will be here waiting to say “I told you so”. 

Matsui vs. Johnson

Well it seems that the Yankees are close to finalizing a one-year, $5.5 million deal that what would bring back one-time baby bomber Nick Johnson back to the Bronx.




They let Hideki Matsui go and replaced him with Nick? 

Hideki signs one-year deal with the Angels for $6.5


Nick Johnson hit 8 HR’s in ’09 while Matsui hit 28.


Me? I’d pay the extra million to keep Matsui.


Neither guy could run.  Difference is that one has bad knees and the other is just slow as molasses.



Matsui:  .271 / 28 HR / 90 RBI / 62 runs
Johnson: .291 / 8 HR /  62 RBI / 71 runs


If it were me, I’d pay the extra million for 20 more home runs.


Did I mention that neither can run?


If I had to make a choice on who I’m taking.  Its going to be Matsui (there’s a shocker).  He was the 2009 world series MVP and tell me this ……… It’s the bottom of the 9th, 2 out, man on second, Yanks down by one.  Who would you rather in the box?  ENOUGH SAID!


Well since the Yankee brass didn’t ask my thoughts, and I don’t agree with this, I have to suck it up and say,



Lets think outside the box.

Ok, lets just throw some different scenario’s and “what if’s” out there for Cashman to mull around in his cranium.

Most of the line up is set.  Question marks are starting pitching and left field.

OK! We’re going to keep this portion “real” and say that some possibilities are Sheets, Marquis, Druscherererererererererer.   Well I’m going to say that Sheets (beacuse he seems to be the flavor of the week) comes down from his asking price of 11 million and signs with the Yankees for $7 million plus incentives.  Starting rotation is CC, AJ, Andy, Sheets, Hughes.  YES! Joba is back to being the bridge to Mo.  PLEASE! Hold your applause until later ….. thank you.

Now its time to address left field.  *dialing phone*



“Scott Boris please”

“This is he”

“Scott, this is the Freak.  I am the new MFIC (mo fo in charge) of all Yankees desicions.  I am calling in regards to your client Johnny Damon.”

“yes” (rising anxious tone)

“After consideration, it pleases me to inform you that you can tell your client we would love for him to kiss our ***.  We have decided to move in a different direction.  Which is code for we’re tired of you crap so take your client and your business elswhere.”



Ok, thats taken care.of.  Now since we’re cutting payroll, its only fitting in true yankee tradition that ITS TIME TO SIGN HOLLIDAY! Eight years $120 million.  Left field problem solved.

Now lets look at our line-up.

Jeter – ss
Granderson – cf
Tex – 1b
A-Rod – 3b
Holliday – lf

so far no surprises right? right.

Cano – 2b
Posada – c

Still good? yes we are. (you can flip flop those two – no matter to me).  Now I know you’re saying to yourself, But Freak, when are we going outside the box?  FRET NOT! Here we go.

Swisher – DH
Cabrera – rf

OH ……….. MA………. GAWD!  Did he just put Swisherlicous in at DH?  YES I DID!

Melky.pngI’ve been screaming from the rafters from day one that Melky needs to be in right field.  He has a cannon of an arm and would fit perfectly in right.  PLUS his bat is coming around.  Don’t be surprised (if given the chance) that this is a break out year for Melky.  Swisher, even though has an average arm, is a switch hitter that sees a lot of pitches and is very productive. So he needs to be in the line-up

There you have it.  Just hand me the 2010 World series trophy now.  No need to play the season, I’ve got it wrapped up. 

deals deals and more deals.

John Lackey to the Red Sox.  Five year, $80 plus million.  Good for him.  I have always liked this guy.  Yes he got hurt, yes he has an attitude.  This guy is an animal.  NOW I have to hate him and start throwing salad at him because he is now the hated rival.  Sorry John, I gotta do what I gotta do.

It seems that the Sox have given up on Jason Bay by signing (or about to) Mike Cameron.  Looks like Theo is finally opening up the check book during this off season.  Its funny, because now that Damon is a left fielder, the nation would probably be the best fit for him.  With the green monster in play, noodle arm doesn’t have to play as deep so people might not attempt to grab an extra base off his arm.

Jason Bay wants a five year deal.  The mets refuse to give it.  DUMMIES!

Hideki Matsui …………. Buh-bye.  One year, $6.5 million to play once again with Bobby Abreu in California.  I hope he does well.  Matsui will do well no matter where he goes.  So the Angels got a good deal.

HALLADAY TO THE PHILLIES!  Sort of makes the Granderson blockbuster deal seem not so blockbuster any longer.  The deal isn’t final.  But here is the kicker.  The only Phils pitcher to win a word series game this past year is part of the trade.  So its more of an “apples for apples” kind of deal.  I understand that Lee wants to play the market next year.  I think the Phils should keep him and win THIS year.  But thats just me.  And for the Phillies fans, realize this, If the numbers are correct that I’m hearing, you’re getting Halladay at a discount.

HOT OF THE RUMOR MILL! No I didn’t make this up.  It seems that the Yankees are creeping closer to getting more involved with Jason Bay. Hmmmm…….

More rumors:  Paul O’Neil is coming out of retirement……… ok, THAT I made up.

And now we wait ……….. again.

I think they should go on for at least two weeks.  And no GM should be allowed to leave without making some kind of move.

Anyway, the winter meetings have come and gone.  Pretty quiet as to be expected.  And of all teams to make noise, it was the ’09 World series champs. 

Right out of the gate they send Bruney to the Nationals.  I must say, I didn’t see that one coming.  He was traded for a player to be named later.  And that player turned out to be Jamie Hoffman. An outfielder from the Dodgers organization.  Whom I predict will be back in the Dogers organization soon enough. (after the bombers sign Damon)

Then comes the blockbuster deal.  Me personally, I think “blockbuster” is a little dramatic.  Its not like last year when they signed Sabathia.  Or maybe if they (or somebody) signed Halladay.  But nonetheless, people are calling it blockbuster so I will roll with those punches and continue on.  The Yankees gave up Phil Coke, Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson. And in return, the Grand-man has hit the grand stage. That man is Curtis Granderson, Getting Granderson wasn’t the shock.  The shock was who they gave up to get him.  Phil Coke was surprising because he was a good lefty specialist that could get righties out if needed.  And Austin Jackson, the pride of the prospects….. Was told to pack his bags and move to Detroit.  Its weird watching someone leave that everyone labeled “the future” of the organization.  I guess next time I need to ask WHICH organiszation they speak of.

The majority of the people feel pretty good about Granderson patrolling center field in the Bronx.  I too am one of those people.  AS LONG AS this kid learns to hit left handed pitchers.  I think he will “IF” Girardi puts him in the two-hole in the line up.  Batting him in front of Tex will give Granderson a lot of good pitches to see.

There has been talk about Cash negotiating with Damons agent.  Will Boris give in? From what I here, Damon is getting no looks anywhere for his services.  So this four year deal he’s looking for might turn into a one or two year deal.  I love it when Boris gets bitten in the ***.  Its the closest I can relate to the people who hate the Yankees.

The hype of the winter meetings is over. Almost feels like Santa Claus came and left and didn’t leave enough presents.

It could be worse.  The Pirate fans are buzzing over signing Bobby Crosby.  Really?  And the Nats are estatic with Pudge signing……okie dokie? Sounds to me that owners are signing “names” in hopes of putting butts in the seats.

Granderson on board ……. now what

As of now, rumor has it that Andy Pettitte is close to inking a new one year deal worth about $12m.  Good, he deserves it.

Now that Granderson is in pinstripes, what to do about those other two guys they have on the free agent market.  What were their names again?  OH YEAH! Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui.

All along I’ve been saying that the Yankees have to keep Damon. I said that he is more valuable in that he can play the field.  I said that he is faster. I said ……… I said ……. I said.

(you see where I’m going with this?)

WELL NOW I SAY with the aquisition of Granderson, the bombers need to sign Matsui.  He has already proven that the DH roll is not a problem for his offense.  I’m not sure Damon can have the correct mindset to play that role.  They really don’t need someone in the field because they still have four outfielders (Granderson, Cabrera, Swisher, AJax …… I mean Gardner).  Plus Hideki protects A-Rod in the line up. AND his ears are HUGE! 

So I think that Cashman should call up Scott Boris and tell him “Thanks but no thanks.”

As much as I would like to see Damon stay, he has no arm for the outfield, he’s old(er), and he’s asking for the keys to the castle with his demand in years.  NOPE! Its time for you to go.  ITS OK THOUGH! We have a lovely 2009 World Series Championship ring for you as a parting gift.  Now you can display it next to the one you got from the Red Sox.


3-way trade is in agreement


As of 2:04pm, it appears that the Yankees, Tigers and Diamonbacks have reached an agreement on a three team trade.

Yankees get Granderson from Detroit

Tigers get right-hander Max Scherzer from the Diamondbacks, and Austin Jackson, Coke and Dunn from the Yankees

Diamonbacks get right-hander Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and Ian Kennedy from the Yankees.

OK! Let the new era begin. I guess this answers the questions about bringing both Matsui and Damon back.  Rumor has it that Damon isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility of coming back.  Obviously that depends on $$, years and Boris.  No word of Matsui.  And this is the one time that I think no news is bad news for Matsui. 

As for what the yankees are giving up:

Phil Coke: It would be nice to see him in the bullpen again, but I understand that sometimes you have to give up talent to get talent. And his name isn’t Joba or Hughes so thats a plus for the Yankees. 

Austin Jackson: He isn’t a power house at the plate.  He’s a gap hitter that runs like the wind.  Last I checked, they have one of those guys already.  His name is Brett Gardner

Ian Kennedy:  In my opinion he was never an american league caliper pitcher.  So its nice to see him go to the national league where I think he will find himself and flourish.

Mike Dunn:  A left handed pitcher in the farm system that was making a name for himself so much that he got the September call up.  Wish him well…

As for what the Yankees get:  This guy better learn to hit left handed pitchers and adapt to left field.


And so it has begun…..

Winter meetings started in Indy yesterday and Cashman already made a move.  He traded Brian Bruney to the Nationals for a “player to be named” later.  I feel bad for Bruney.  I’m not sad to see him go, but can you imagine the conversation he had with his father on the phone after he found out he just went from first to worst…


Dad:  “hello”

Brain: “Hey dad, it’s me Brian”

Dad: “Its so good to hear from you son.  There is still so much buzz around here about you winning the world series.  Your mom and I are so proud of you son.”

Brian: “Dad, I need to tell you something”

Dad: “What is it son?”

Brain; “ummmmmm …… *dramitic pause w/ heavy sigh* ………… I just got traded”

Dad:  “Thats ok son.  Its the nature of the business.  I’m sure wherever you’re going, you’ll do great and me and your mama will be cheering you on.”

Brian: “Thanks dad.”

Dad: “Where are you going?”

Brian: “To the Washington Nationals”

Dad: “WHAT?!?!  Well thats ok, with your talent, they Yankees must’ve gotten a lot in return.”

Brian: “ummmm, actually the traded me for a player to be named later.”

Dad: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  Your sorry a** couldn’t even get traded for a quality player?  Great, now I gotta hear this from Mark Texiera’s parents………..  How their boy makes a truck load of money, and my worthless son gets traded for a mule and gas fare.”

Brian: “But dad I………..”

Dad: “But nothing son.  I told you to listen to me when you were younger.  You couldn’t even clean your room when I asked……..  You’re getting what you deserve.  You made your bed Brian, now you have to lay in it.”

Brian: “I gotta go dad, tell mom I love her.”

Dad: “Damn right you gotta go.  You gotta go to Washington and redeem yourself.  Now go there, shut your mouth and pitch till your arm falls off.  Dont’ screw it up this time son, there’s nowhere left to go.  And if you think me and your mama are going to let you move back in here, you’ve got another thing coming.”

Obviously thats not how the phone conversation would go.  But you must admit, you were smiling while you were reading it.

Like I said earlier, I’m not sad to see him go.  He was hurt more than he wasn’t.  And his command was, lets just say off most of the time.  Maybe the Nats will get him right again.

After looking at this trade, I am to assume that since the Yanks didn’t receive a named player, SOMEBODY isn’t coming out of the pen next year.  And I’m talking about Joba and Phil.  I’ve said time and again that I think Joba should be the successor to Rivera. But the yanks haven’t aske my opinion YET!. 

And since Cashman has to get the salary down to $185m, I don’t think they will be getting Halladay, Holliday, Bay, Lackey or any other top tier players.  So be on the look out for Randy Wolf to come our way.  And if that happens, I don’t see how either Joba or Hughes can come out of the pen.  I think Gaudin would get the five spot.

Its only Tuesday and its still early.  So Cashman has plenty of time to prove me wrong.